Is home care right for you?

Compassionate Care in Your Home

Is Home Care Right For You?

Thousands of Americans have decided that in-home care is best for their aging family members. It allows your loved ones to stay in their current home and delay moving to a nursing home or assisted living center. In-home care also serves as an excellent option for those recovering from illness or surgery, and for those who require non-medical care assistance for various activities of daily living, such as getting dressed, bathing, cooking, driving or shopping.

We all want the best for our family members, but we can’t be there around the clock. Maybe your loved one only needs help during the day or in the evening when you can’t be there. Or maybe it’s time to have someone in their home at all times. No matter what your situation, Angel Eyes Home Care can help with affordable and flexible in-home care options.

Aging in Place

Home is where seniors can maintain their maximum level of independence, without having to move or start over in a new, unfamiliar setting. Our Angel Eyes staff can deliver the level of eldercare services you need, ranging from hourly companionship care to complete round-the-clock caregiving to specialized nursing care.

More Comfortable Setting

Your home is where you’re most comfortable. Whether recovering from an injury, stroke or surgery, being at home allows you to heal quicker and to sleep in your own bed. Studies show that familiarity actually helps improve the rate of recovery and often delays the symptoms of the aging process. Plus, in-home care is often associated with more positive experiences, less hospitalization and a longer life span.

Better Quality of Life

Having an Angel’s touch gives your family member the one-on-one, private attention they deserve – helping with socialization and recovery, or tending to your home until you can. No call light, no being overlooked, no need to stress about how things will get done. Simply kind, considerate and licensed caregivers willing to deliver the level of care that’s required. Housekeeping, laundry, meal prep, driving to appointments, shopping, errands, cooking with preferred ingredients and eating when it’s most convenient for the client. Examples of skilled medical assistance include monitoring heart rate and BP, caring for wounds, managing IVs and catheters PEG tubes, providing cognitive and physical therapies or providing education for optimal recovery techniques. No matter the level of in-home care, it all adds up to a better life experience for your loved one.

Peace of Mind

Whether you’re here in town or across the country, Angel Eyes provides the professional care your aging loved one deserves, with a level of personalization that’s second to none! Having an in-home caregiver takes the stress off of you and helps regain the balance your family needs. Plus, Angel Eyes caregivers are trained and experienced in a wide range of age-related services, making them a valuable addition to your loved one’s care plan.